Our Story

We worked together on behalf of executives and with each other on business projects for 10+ years, after Tom originally met John through Career Pro, Inc.  Since those meetings Tom has been on John’s Advisory Council at Career Pro, Inc., providing advice to executive clients and to the business.     Together, we wanted to provide outstanding guidance to entrepreneurs and owners that our own practices could not do.  Tom purchased his own mid-market company, led two European acquisitions and multiple U.S. acquisitions, up to $200 Million in purchase price, and successfully established two joint ventures with Japanese manufacturers supplying Toyota and Mazda with suspension system components.  John, a 20+ year service business and career coaching veteran, has led the successful sale of mid-market businesses in 2015 and 2016, and has counseled entrepreneurs through M&A decisions, buyouts, and sales in his year 25 year business owner history.   Today we wanted to work together to find new executive opportunities.   This led to Tom’s latest gig as an operations consultant for Zac Brown’s (of the Zac Brown Band) manufacturing companies and General Manager of Southern Grind, Zac’s custom-knife company. After working with many small business and career shifts, we combined to create Oak Capital Advisors to provide uncommon guidance through the sales of closely-held small businesses in the North Carolina marketplace, to eliminate confusion and create a win-win-win scenario for our brokerage clients.   This extends our mission to serve the executive and entrepreneurial community through important business transactions and change.