Why You Need a Business Broker

Are you an owner considering selling your business? Start with this very important question: “Why is the business for sale?” For most buyers, buying a business will be the most important financial decision they will make, so a valid reason, to reduce anxiety, is critical. Then ask yourself: “What support do I need to successfully execute a timely, successful transaction?” Selling a business is a challenging process involving multiple steps – establishing a support team, determining price, marketing the business, managing buyer/seller meetings, determining deal structure, preparing an offer to purchase, conducting negotiations, managing the due diligence process, and coordinating the closing – that can best be led by a skilled business broker who maintains confidentiality, provides critical insight, and creates value. While you, as the owner, continues to operate the business on a daily basis, maintaining sales and profitability. Oak Capital Advisors combines the small business ownership experience, mergers and acquisitions experience, commercial real estate skills, operations experience, and the integrity, results focus, and customer service orientation necessary to help owners achieve a successful, timely transaction. Working with only a limited number of owners at a time ensures that every owner receives excellent customer results and the best results.

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